agency and algorithm literacy

Moylan, R.Code, J., & Forde, K . (202s, August). Learner agency and algorithm literacy [Invited presentation]. Science World STEAM Days of Summer, Vancouver, BC.
Description: How do we learn? Does technology make a difference? How does technology impact our agency as humans? And how can we help students understand these issues? In this session, we will discuss learner agency, especially in the context of internet technology, including algorithms and machine learning. By examining key research-based strategies and resources, we will explore ways to build student agency and incorporate algorithm literacy instruction across the BC curriculum. We have much to share but are most interested in building knowledge together with session participants based on the unique opportunities and challenges presented in each of your teaching contexts.


Forde, K., Moylan, R., & Code, J. (2022, August). Digital tattoos and privacy [Invited presentation]. Science World STEAM Days of Summer, Vancouver, BC.

Description: How we are discovered and perceived online is of major concern to many people today. As we go about our daily lives, we intentionally share parts of our digital selves with others while other parts of our digital selves can be shared, tracked, logged, and commodified without our consent. As such, digital technologies have changed how we relate to ourselves and the people around us. In this session, we outline some of the implications of this for K-12 teachers, especially in the off-duty context, and also consider the digital safety of our students, especially as it relates to data persistence. We offer a tasting flight of considerations that we hope will lead to a discussion and we offer some takeaway ideas for the upcoming semester. 

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