PATIENT A Pilot Study

PATIENT Promoting Agency Through Innovative Education and Networked Teams (PATIENT) PATIENT is a pioneering patient-run research program focusing on patient agency in research (PAIR). We delve into aspects like health literacy, participation in decision-making, and long-term engagement and communication within research teams. Our goal is to enhance the role of patients in research, ensuring that their […]

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Preferences and Decision Needs

Patient Treatment Preferences and Decisional Needs for Heart Failure Medications Goal: The overarching goal is to characterize the decisional needs, preferences, and values of heart failure (HF) with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) patients and their clinicians to improve HFrEF medication decision-making. Background: Over 750,000 Canadians have HF, approximately half of which is classified as HFrEF.

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VCHAT for Mental Health A Virtual Community promoting mental Health, psychosocial Adjustment, and peer supporT (vCHAT) for patients living with increased risk for COVID-19 Mental health needs are pronounced for individuals with chronic heart failure (CHF) or advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD). Clinically significant symptoms of depression and anxiety are prevalent in 22% (11% to

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VCHAT for Covid-19 A Virtual Community promoting Health literacy, self-cAre, and peer supporT (vCHAT) for patients living with increased risk for COVID-19 Meta-analysis (pooled n=76,993) indicates that chronic heart failure (CHF) and advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD) were among the most prevalent conditions for patients hospitalized with COVID-19. The impact of living with increased risk for COVID-19

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From the Heart

From the Heart: Canadian Women’s Lived Experience of Heart Failure Women with heart failure (HF) are particularly under-served, under-researched, and under-represented. They receive less aggressive medical treatment, experience longer hospital stays, and have poorer outcomes and challenges in accessing care and treatment options as compared to men. We have only limited knowledge of how women

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