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Agency and Learning

AGENCY AND LEARNING AGENCY AND LEARNING IN IMMERSIVE AND VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS (ALIVE) Current assessment approaches are inadequate at identifying how students develop critical and reflective thinking – competencies key to education and careers in the 21st century. Facilitating authentic problem solving and scientific inquiry through environments similar to video games has shown considerable promise in […]

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ALIVE Investigator Title Screen

ALIVE Investigator

ALIVE INVESTIGATOR about Current assessment approaches are inadequate at identifying how students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and sophisticated scientific reasoning – key 21st-century skills. Feedback is one of the most powerful means to increase student learning. Feedback from formative assessments, or assessment for learning, carried out during instruction can help teachers tailor instruction and aid

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Algorithm Literacy in TE

ALGORIthM LITERACY ALGORITHM LITERACY IN TEACHER EDUCATION Internet algorithms are automated mathematical processes that use different types of data to make decisions and recommendations. Increasingly, algorithms shape nearly every aspect of our daily lives (Kitchin, 2017). For example, algorithms are used in medicine to predict the likelihood that individuals will develop certain diseases (Miotto et

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Beyond the Academy

BEYOND THE ACADEMY BEYOND THE ACADEMY PROFESSIONAL AGENCY AND LEARNING IN VIRTUAL CONTEXTS Beyond the Academy is a research study funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). In collaboration with our partner organization, Hikma Strategies, ALIVE Lab is investigating critical questions about professional agency and community. Through qualitative and quantitative

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Schoolboy Tired of Studying

Pandemic Transformed Pedagogy

pandemic transformed pedagogy When the WHO Director-General declared SARS-CoV-19, commonly known as COVID-19, a pandemic (WHO, 2020), K-12 school systems worldwide responded with an almost immediate suspension of in-class instruction. In British Columbia, Canada, the Minister of Education directed all schools to immediately suspend in-class instruction (Fleming, 2020), forcing over 500,000 students and 44,000 teachers

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