At the core of of our research lies the concept of learner agency, which serves as a foundational framework for comprehending the multifaceted nature of agency in educational settings (Code, 2020). This framework delves into the dynamics of intentionality, forethought, self-regulation, and self-reflectiveness, shedding light on their interaction with personal, behavioural, and socio-environmental elements within learning environments. The Agency for Learning framework has been pivotal in guiding my research program, underscoring the critical role of learner agency across various educational domains.


NARRATE NARRATE: learNer Agency emeRgence thRough Algorithm liTEracy PROBLEM: Algorithmic systems shape every aspect of our daily lives and impact our perception of the world. Actions we perform online are governed by algorithms, from the news we see to the products we buy and interact with, often needing an awareness of exactly when and how […]

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Agency and Learning

AGENCY AND LEARNING AGENCY AND LEARNING IN IMMERSIVE AND VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS (ALIVE) Current assessment approaches are inadequate at identifying how students develop critical and reflective thinking – competencies key to education and careers in the 21st century. Facilitating authentic problem solving and scientific inquiry through environments similar to video games has shown considerable promise in

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Algorithm Literacy in TE

ALGORIthM LITERACY ALGORITHM LITERACY IN TEACHER EDUCATION Internet algorithms are automated mathematical processes that use different types of data to make decisions and recommendations. Increasingly, algorithms shape nearly every aspect of our daily lives (Kitchin, 2017). For example, algorithms are used in medicine to predict the likelihood that individuals will develop certain diseases (Miotto et

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Beyond the Academy

BEYOND THE ACADEMY BEYOND THE ACADEMY PROFESSIONAL AGENCY AND LEARNING IN VIRTUAL CONTEXTS Beyond the Academy is a research study funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). In collaboration with our partner organization, Hikma Strategies, ALIVE Lab is investigating critical questions about professional agency and community. Through qualitative and quantitative

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Unbundled Learning

Unbundled Learning Unbundled Learning: Online Social Networks for Learning and Support in Vulnerable Populations As human nature is experience-dependent, social conditions will either hinder or enhance human learning, health, and overall well-being since individuals are continuously embedded within and among networks of social relations and interactions. Social support is critical in aiding patients with chronic

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